Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, paddle and ping pong.

It’s  great because people of all levels can play it and there is no age limit. It is ideal for seniors who like to work out and is great for playing in the family!

The main difference between the pickleball and its similar ones, is mainly that the ball, being perforated, becomes slower, this helps to make longer changes, making the technique more important than the force and allowing more people to play with very little previous training.

Simple, mexican and extraordinary

Play in pairs and have fun, do you want a bigger challenge? Try an individual game!


A tasty game for the body


All ages

People of all levels can play it and there is no age limit.


It is played on a court very similar to the one used for badminton doubles matches.

Senior citizens

Ideal for seniors who enjoy keeping moving.

The whole Family

Usually played in teams of four, which allows everyone to be part of the game.

We are the most Mexican to play Pickleball

Excercise and Fun

It has become the favorite game for older adults, this thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to run very fast, however it gives them the possibility of maintaining a fast movement and reaction rhythm so that it is completely an entertaining sport.