‘Speakin’ with Deakin’

By Wayne Kerr Tell us a little about yourself? I’m an only child and grew up in Port Moody, BC. I spent my junior years playing and competing in tennis and managed to win eleven national titles before going on the satellite tour. When I suffered an elbow injury, I decided to give it up and […]

Modern Pickleball

Pickleball is Evolving Opinion by Wayne Kerr As stronger, faster athletes enter the sport of pickleball the game is evolving. Great footwork is becoming more and more important. The ‘old school’ idea of planting yourself at the Non-Volley-Zone (NVZ) line has all but disappeared at the upper levels of the game. In fact, many of […]

Following Advice of Better Players

My brother Wayne and I are on a pickleball journey together, but separately.  He’s in Arizona part of the year, and British Columbia the rest of the year.  I’m in Yucatan, Mexico.  Wayne is in a hotbed of pickleball, with dozens of courts and 800 active players from beginner to professional levels of play.  I’m […]

My experience playing Pickelball

Hi Pickleballers, I’m fairly new to this game but it is easy to see that Pickleball is quickly evolving.  It is getting faster, more powerful and more precise.  Just watch what happens if you hit a return of serve into the middle of the court against a good 4.0 or above player. You will likely […]

Old dogs and New Tricks

It’s kind of a given that the best pickleball players have a strong background in tennis – the strokes are similar – forehands and backhands, power shots and touch shots.  In singles, especially, if you know how to set up a point in tennis and can hit a cross-court backhand or a power stroke down […]